Blog Come Back

I’m back

After a few months (maybe years, I can’t remember how long I have not been writing on this blog), I’m finally deciding to start writing posts on this blog again.

I remember the last time I wrote on this blog was before my site went blank (I think it’s called White Screen of Death in WordPress). Because of this issue (at that time I didn’t know how to fix it, but I know now), I had to delete the database containing all of my posts I wrote over the years and start over from a new WordPress installation.

However, it didn’t go well as planned. Because of my ambition to try a new CMS system and possibly abandon WordPress, I hesitated to restart writing posts on this blog, thinking that I would start writing on the new CMS after it has been installed and made it work.

But as you can see, I’m back with using WordPress again. I tried Drupal (yes, that’s the new CMS I was talking about previously), thinking that I had enough development skill to toggle this developer-friendly CMS. ¬†However, I didn’t even try to play around with the code, and I already confused by its complex admin user interface.

For the next several weeks, and possibly months, I will rewrite some of the old posts I found during the cleanup of my databases. Since my web hosting provider provides unlimited MySQL databases, I made a number of databases for the past several years for different installation of WordPress. Perhaps I should limit my database creation because I noticed that some of the posts in my databases are the same.

In any case, if you have any suggestions on what I should write about (WordPress or web development related), please leave a comment below. Also, for those who are curious, this is a multi-site installation. So my four sites (possibly more in the future), this blog, my main site, my diary blog, and (my gaming videolog), are connected together.